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Welcome to the junior cricket program of the Koonung Heights Cricket Club. We believe that sport and in particular cricket, plays a vital role in the development of young people both on and off the field and that the benefits of participating go beyond the sport itself.


Each season we aspire to provide a safe, fun, inclusive, and engaging environment for both young boys and girls to learn this great game, enjoy the thrill of competition and participation. 


We currently have teams for all ages and skills levels ranging from:
  • Woolworths Cricket Blast (approx ages 5-9) - focusing on the development of key fundamentals, fun and participation 

  • Stage 1 (Super 7's, approx ages 6-9) - modified rules ensuring everyone gets a go at each discipline of the sport using a soft rubber cricket ball 

  • Stage 2 (Fast 9's, approx ages 8-10) - modified rules in a slightly more competitive environment, still focused on participation but utilising a leather cricket ball

  • Junior Grades - ranging from under 12's to Under 16's playing competitive cricket

What does playing cricket offer?
  • Physical Fitness: Cricket promotes a healthy lifestyle, improves coordination, and enhances overall physical fitness.

  • Social Skills: Playing cricket helps children develop teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship.

  • Personal Growth: Junior cricket instills discipline, resilience, and goal-setting abilities in young players.

  • Mental Wellbeing: Engaging in cricket provides a positive outlet for self-expression, reduces stress, and boosts confidence.

  • Life-long Passion: Junior cricket can spark a life-long love for the sport, fostering a deeper connection to physical activity and a sense of belonging in a community.

Why play at Koonung? 

At our club, we prioritize creating a fun and inclusive environment for all young cricketers. We believe that enjoyment is the foundation of sustained participation and skill development. Here's what we offer:


  • Coaching Programs: We provide coaching tailored to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring every child receives appropriate guidance.

  • Structured Competitions: Our club organizes friendly matches, tournaments, and leagues where players can showcase their skills and enjoy healthy competition.

  • Social Events: We organize social events, team-building activities, and celebrations to foster camaraderie among the young cricketers.

  • Access to Facilities: Our club provides well-maintained cricket grounds, equipment, and facilities to facilitate a safe and enjoyable playing experience.


Child Safety

At the KHCC committee meeting of 24 August 2022, the committee endorsed and minuted that the KHCC endorse and adopt Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People, Australian Cricket’s ‘Looking After Our Kids’ Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs, and Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People, effective as at 24 August 2022 (see all policies). 


Here's how we prioritize child safety:
  • Screened Volunteers: All our coaches, leaders, and volunteers and must provide appropriate working with children clearances.

  • Code of Conduct: We have established a comprehensive code of conduct that outlines expected behavior from everyone involved in the club, including coaches, parents, and players.

  • Supervision and Monitoring: We maintain a high level of supervision during training sessions, matches, and events to ensure the safety of the young cricketers.

  • Safe Facilities: Our club adheres to safety standards for facilities, equipment, and playing areas to minimize any potential risks.

  • Reporting and Response: We have clear reporting procedures in place for any concerns or incidents, and we take immediate action to address them appropriately.

For further information please contact our junior coordinators:

Matthew Christensen (Child Safety Officer) on 0401 222 209 

Michael Crooks (Team's Coordinator) on 0414 603 717,